Donna Huong Vu


Zachary Richard Cox

Donna Huong Vu and Zachary Richard Cox

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Our Story

Our story starts where many stories start for Notre Dame graduates; a freshman-year dorm party. It was meant to be an average night out, but fate had other ideas. Neighboring dorms, an awkward 1-on-1 walk to the dining hall, too many mutual friends to count, and pursuing the same major, turned a dorm party meeting into study dates, then dining hall dates, then actual dates, and then a beautiful friendship.

That friendship quickly turned into a relationship, maturing over 4 years of college, many road trips, summer internships, and now full-time jobs in Chicago. In so many huge moments of my life, and countless little ones, Donna was there by my side. We have grown so much together in the past 6+ years both as a couple and as individuals, so I was ecstatic to finally propose to Donna on January 20, 2018, surrounded by so many of our closest friends and family.

Our story is far from over, and it includes each and every single person reading this. Donna and I's relationship is something I am extremely thankful for, but I am even more thankful for our combined relationship with our friends and family. We would not be where we are today without the love and support of those we have had the pleasure to share our relationship with. We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you all on August 3, 2019, and we are looking forward to seeing our love and our story grow for many years to come.

Kristie Kern